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A House MD community that is a warm home for all ships!

Welcome to Any House Ship!

Mission Statement:

We are a community which loves the television drama House M.D. with all our little hearts. We are here in celebration of some of the greatest characters in history. Unlike many great livejournal communities we practice a policy of tolerating everyone's expresion of love for House M.D. and welcome all different ships.

Anyone can join, but you must love House M.D. :)

Community Rules:

1. Flamers, hate mongers, trollers, and other internet predators in ANY form will not be tolerated. Questionable posts will be subject to a 'three strikes, you're out' policy depending on the evaluation of the mods.

2. This is a PG-13 community. If you are presenting adult material please mark it as such or risk receiving a mod post. This also applies to SPOILERS: please put them under lj cuts!

3. All House M.D. related posts are allowed including information about the actors/directors/producers/co-stars etc. involved with the program. Any off topic posts will be subject to mod approval.

4. Everybody lies.

5. All complaints should be directed to the maintainers of the community site if they are in regards to posts. Otherwise, please contact the appropriate Livejournal support staff (aka, we are not tech support) ;P

6. There is no rule 6! We don't like rules here at any_house_ship, that's why we created the community. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time sharing their love of House! If you are here for something else, this probably isn't the site you're looking for!


any_house_ship does not own anything that has anything to do with House M.D. or Fox.

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