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20 October 2009 @ 01:04 pm
Prompt#1-the little ship that could! Take the ideas and run with them!  
Just to get people laughing and thinking...if you feel inspired by any concept...make an icon or write a short story or merely comment...just throwing out silliness for the masses.

Dynamic-Shipper-aholic # 1 (Fic Prompts)

1. House-Foreman on a rocket ship and only one cheetoh pack is left. And then...?

2. Cameron-Wilson in a hot tub both very whiny about their problems. And then...?

3. Stacy-Cuddy getting a spa facial. Stacy divulges sex problems with House to Cuddy. And then...?

4. Chase babysits Steve McQueen. Steve dies for unknown reasons. House finds out and then...?

5. Wilson-House gay bar...I don't think I need to ask anything more there Hilsonites...

Image Anonymous Prompts-Photoshop, a few hours, and a few drinks later...

1. House Cameron outrageous goofy looks mega picpasm...soft filters

2. Foreman Thirteen Sexy eyes picpasm...sharp edged filters

3. Cameron 13 Concerned eyes picpasm-a Billy Idol music video ready to happen! Surreal filters

4. Foreman-Cameron The unknown bromance picpasm...Clips of them in warm situations together-collage

5. 13 Cameron--the untold story of their trek across the world together as teenagers...music video idea. Could use old movie footage and splice with images.